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sticky bellies personalized clothing stickers

sticky bellies personalized clothing stickers

Sticky Bellies was created by a very talented mom!  When her daughter was born, she knew she had to document and celebrate her growth by taking a monthly photo and keep with the family tradition of having a personalized baby shirt for her to wear.  She was looking for something that would allow her to know how old her daughter was in the pictures and make for adorable pictures to share with family and friends!  She then set out to create something that would LOOK like it was an permanent applique, but could be removed after the picture is done without ruining the shirt.  Lightning struck, rainbows appeared, glitter fell from the ceiling and the Sticky Bellies® logo suddenly appeared on her living room wall and that was the moment the Sticky Bellies collection was born!  Sticky Bellies personalized baby removable stickers make a fun baby shower gift!

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