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Milkdot is the brainchild of Janet Cho.  After several frustrating attempts to find her son a cool kids lunch tote, Janet decided to design a lunch bag that could fulfill the things that she loved: minimal design, color and functionality, all while making it a priority to use non-toxic materials.   Janet designed the ultimate kids lunch tote then moved on to designing trendy kids backpacks, adorable toddler mini backpacks, kids toiletry bags and more!  Her next challenge was to find a name for her company.  Names can be challenging but are a lot of fun and while thinking about the company name, two simple words came to mind:

MILK: children, nourishment for all ages, wholesome, pure, clean

DOT: each one of us can make a positive impact by the choices we make every day

MILKDOT = a love for minimal clean design for the young at heart + a deep respect for Mother Nature.  This commitment implored her to take on the responsibility to only make what is "good" (products that will always use safe, non-toxic materials) & products that are stylish and functional.  Milkdot is all of this any more….

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