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Melissa & Doug

Melissa & Doug

For more than a decade, Melissa and Doug focused solely on creating wooden puzzles, over 1,000 styles in all! They decided it's time to reinvent wooden toys and make them more creative and fun. Toys that don’t just look pretty on a shelf, but also give young children countless ways to play!

Knowing that kids naturally gravitate to play that imitates adult behaviors, Melissa and Doug develop a pretend play line of delicacies, designed to look just like the food Mom and Dad buy at the grocery store!  With a solid collection of toys and activities for preschoolers, it became time to create imaginative and inspirational toys for the youngest kids as well, and Melissa and Doug launched a baby line.

Melissa and Doug take pride in conceptualizing every product at their offices in Connecticut, hand-making each prototype until they get it just right, before bringing them to the factory for production.

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