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Nina + Horseshoe 2-Piece Organic Stroller Toy Set

Nina + Horseshoe 2-Piece Organic Stroller Toy Set

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Product Description

Finn + Emma "Nina + Horseshoe" 2-Piece Organic Stroller Toy Set

These stroller toys are here to keep your cool baby company on your journeys. Made from organic cotton yarn and stuffed with sheep's wool, Nina the sweet horse is perfect for snuggling.  The trendy horseshoe wooden teether is made from Indian hardwood and finished with vegetable seed wax. Clip us on, and we'll go with you as far as your imagination takes us!

*100% G.O.T.S. Certified Organic Cotton

*Untreated Indian Hardwood

*Non-Toxic Vegetable Seed Wax Finish

*Soft Toy is Hand Knit by Artisans in Peru; Fair-Trade

*100% Sheep's Wool Stuffing

*Eco-Friendy Dyes + Inks

*A Great Match with Finn + Emma's Wild Horse Collection!

Finn + Emma...Modern, Sophisticated Kids Clothing with our Earth in Mind!






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