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California Dreamin' Patchette or Sticker Pack

California Dreamin' Patchette or Sticker Pack

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Product Description

FabStix "California Dreamin'" Patchette or Sticker Pack

This cool girls patchette pack features a shake, heart glasses + rainbow and can be used as an iron-on patch with its heat-activated adhesive backing or transformed into a FABulous sticker with the use of the double-sided adhesive supplied in the package. It’s a sticker OR a patch.

Patchette Features:

-Includes a trio patchette pack, double-sided latex-free adhesive to make your Patchette a long-lasting temporary sticker+ heat bond adhesive to make your Patchette into a permanent patch.

-Use as a permanent patch OR semi-permanent collectible sticker

-Double-sided adhesive for the temporary sticker option is medical grade and latex-free. No itchy rashes!

-Self-adhering with an easy application

-Most Patchettes can be used as a iron-on patch after use as a sticker.

-Reinvent and re-purpose clothes, sneaks, and accessories

-Stick on to notebooks, cellphones, or skin!

-All Patchettes are made with love and therefore unique!

-Be sure to mix and match

*FabStix....Collect Them, Swap Them, Stick Them, Wear Them!*

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