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When to take your child to the ER versus an Urgent Care Center - Binoj Joseph Matthew, MD

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When to take your child to the ER versus an Urgent Care Center

How quickly does your child need care? If your child could die or be permanently disabled, it is an emergency.

Call 911 to have the emergency team come to you right away if you cannot wait, such as for:

Stopped breathing or turning blue
Possible poisoning (call the nearest Poison Control Center)
Head injury with passing out, throwing up, or not behaving normally
Injury to neck or spine
Severe burn
Seizure that lasted 3 to 5 minutes
Bleeding that cannot be stopped

Go to an emergency department or call 911 for help for problems such as:

Trouble breathing
Passing out, fainting
Severe allergic reaction with trouble breathing, swelling, hives
High fever with headache and stiff neck
High fever that does not get better with medicine
Suddenly hard to wake up, too sleepy, or confused
Suddenly not able to speak, see, walk, or move
Heavy bleeding
Deep wound
Serious burn
Coughing or throwing up blood
Possible broken bone, loss of movement, primarily if the bone is pushing through the skin
A body part near an injured bone is numb, tingling, weak, cold, or pale
Unusual or bad headache or chest pain
Fast heartbeat that does not slow down
Throwing up or loose stools that do not stop
Mouth is dry, no tears, no wet diapers in 18 hours, soft spot in the skull is sunken (dehydrated)
When to Go to an Urgent Care Clinic
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When to Go to an Urgent Care Clinic has been expanded.
When your child has a problem, DO NOT wait too long to get medical care. If the problem is not life threatening or risking disability, but you are concerned and you cannot see the doctor soon enough, go to an urgent care clinic.

The kinds of problems that an urgent care clinic can deal with include:

Common illnesses, such as colds, the flu, earaches, sore throats, minor headaches, low-grade fevers, and limited rashes

Minor injuries, such as sprains, bruises, minor cuts and burns, minor broken bones, or minor eye injuries

The portion below has been reproduced from medline.gov  Please go to the link below for more information: 

When to take your child to the ER versus an Urgent Care Center


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