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Binoj Joseph Matthew MD on Using an Asthma Inhaler Correctly

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Most Parents and Children Use the Asthma Inhaled Incorrectly:

Apparently, eighty-four percent of the patients did not wait the 30 seconds that the researchers felt was the absolute minimum time between inhalation’s according to a new study:
“A study published in February in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice suggests that many patients — adults and children alike — are not using their inhalers correctly, and may not be deriving the full benefits of the drugs.”

Along with improper technique the other reasons for lack of an adequate response in terms of symptom reduction can include:
- poor technique,
- poor adherence to the dosing, - other medical issues, or;
- environmental triggers.

So if you notice that your child is having trouble breathing leading to visits to the emergency room or that the child is having problems with athletics or sports participation, you might want to rule out improper technique as the reason.

A common reaction when reported to the pediatrician can be increase in dosage or more involving treatment protocols all of which may be wholly unnecessary or even dangerous due to emerging side effects of higher concentrations of corticosteroid use.

For more information on this read here:


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