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Binoj Joseph Matthew MD on Sunscreen for Kids

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Summer is almost upon us and so how best to protect your little one from the potentially harmful rays of the sun:

A decent list with some of the better sunscreens tested by can be seen by clicking to this site:
Best Kids Sunscreen

Even exposure as a child can apparently increase the risk of skin cancers such as something as deadly as Melanoma. What one is looking for is a Sun Protective Factor of at least 30 which indicates the length of time one can be exposed while still being offered some means of protection.

There is some advice by a pediatrician in this article including the recommendation at mineral sunscreens be used because they are more sensitive to the skin - those containing zinc and titanium. The list includes those useful for sensitive skin. Along with using the sunscreen on the exposed limbs, the face and neck are often missed and so there are recommendations for those as well. So to all you parents and children…enjoy the sun and its restorative powers but stay safe with a quality sunscreen.

If you are interested in the way by which sunscreens protect the skin then I recommend the following report by Scientific American:  How the Chemicals in Sunscreen Works.


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