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Binoj Joseph Matthew MD on Reading Using Paper Books is the Most Effective

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New Study Demonstrates that Old Fashioned and Time Honored Reading Using Paper Books is the Most Effective:

“In a study published Monday in the journal Pediatrics, researchers at the University of Michigan asked parents to read similar stories to their 2- to 3-year-olds in three different formats (the order was varied for the different families): a print book, a basic electronic book (no bells or whistles) on a tablet, and an enhanced electronic book with animation and/or sound effects (tap a sea gull or a dog and hear the sounds they make). The interactions were videotaped and coded, looking at the number and kinds of verbalizations by parents and by children, at the amount of collaborative reading that went on, and at the general emotional tenor of the interaction.”

Apparently ..”reading print books together with the children generated more verbalizations about the story from parents and from toddlers in other words, more back and forth “dialogic” collaboration. (“What’s happening here?” “Remember when you went to the beach with Dad?”).”

One of the thoughts is that the audio effects in electronic books proved to be distracting. Additionally, there was some “competition” with regards to who was the one to operate the electronic device as well as some comments that were construed as “negative” from the parents in terms of “not to touch the button”or otherwise operate the controls.

For more details into this small yet intriguing study click here!


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