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Binoj Joseph Matthew MD on How to Raise Vegetable Eaters

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Deception in the form of attempting to hide vegetables in “carriers” such as vegetable infused deep fried potato morsels that are just tater tots will only take you so far. Some steps proposed that might actually make this unenviable task a little more successful include:

- Actually attempting to eat together

- Avoiding satiating your child’s hunger at a moment’s notice and trying to wait until meal times or specific snak times. Three meals is usually enough as is done in other parts of the world.

- Encourage participation in the kitchen as in preparing or merely doodling - all in a safe manner of course - for example stuffing bell peppers.

- Encouraging “playing” with vegetables so that they do not assume some monstrous status and as the old adage goes...familiarity breeds contempt..or in this case, less intimidating.

- Adding items such as butter and cheese will both make vegetables more palatable and in fact will aid in the digestion of fat soluble vitamins.

- Gradually allowing children to “acquire” the taste starting with sweeter foods - corn, sweet potatoes,etc and then graduating to others than may require more experience such as asparagus, carrots, etc

- Preparation is key and roasting along with the right seasoning always seems to get their attention.

- Growing and participating in the maintenance of a single vegetable such as a tomato or other easily grown vegetables - assuming one has the space of course - can be quite helpful 

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