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Binoj Joseph Matthew MD on ADHD in Children

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In this day and age of instant gratification I thought it might be appropriate to highlight What exactly constitutes attention deficit hyper activity disorder. There is a tendency to think that a child with ADHD with a subtype primarily of attention deficit tends to lack focus on anything and everything that requires any form of focus. That actually is untrue and these children for example demonstrate such symptoms - as those listed below - only on a selective basis in experiences such as certain subjects that they find disinteresting - for example Math. They do appear have normal focus in areas of personal interest such as social medial or games on a computer.
Harvard Health publishing has listed symptoms which I felt would be useful as a primer in terms of assessing the presence of this condition as a prerequisite to seeking an actual diagnosis.

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I have reproduced the symptoms below: basically, presence of” six of the following conditions” may illustrate presence of the "inattentive" type of ADHD:

These include:

* Shows poor attention to details.
* Has a difficult time keeping attention on activities.
* Does not listen well when addressed directly.
* Has problems with follow-through when given instructions.
* Has trouble with organizing tasks or projects.
* Avoids taking on projects that would require a long period of intellectual concentration.
* Loses supplies that are needed for activities.
* Easily distracted by things going on around him or her.
* Is forgetful.

Six of the following conditions may mean the presence of the "hyperactive and impulsive" form of ADHD:

* leaves seat when he/she is expected to remain seated
* is fidgety
* runs about at inappropriate times
* has difficulty playing quietly
* acts as if "driven by a motor"
* talks excessively
* blurts out answers before questions are complete
* has difficulty taking turns
* interrupts or intrudes on others

I will discuss and point to treatment options from reputable sources and will also include side effects on later blog posts.


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