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Binoj Joseph Matthew MD on A Child Is Left Unattended. Is It Neglect?

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There is a wise variability in terms of opinion and apparently there are laws in some states that dictate the limits to leaving a child unattended.  For example is is wise to expose your child to below freezing conditions rather than sequester his or her in your warm vehicle for a few minutes? Read on for some thoughts from parents and examples that are cited.

“Motherhood in the Age of Fear,” by Kim Brooks about a mother charged with neglect for leaving her 4-year-old in a car alone for five minutes.

“The question is who makes the decision on what is best for the child? Should it be uninformed, overzealous bureaucrats and police officers, or parents?”

“Child abuse and domestic violence remain a serious problem in America, but we should never conflate that abuse with what many Americans still consider traditional parenting in a free country. We must demand better training and education for child protective workers and police officers on what is true “child abuse and neglect.”

If this seems like an interesting scenario read on at the link below:

A Child Is Left Unattended. Is It Neglect?


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